Judgement at Nuremberg Kelcey Hernandez

Introductory Page - Good Life Performance : I attended the performance of Judgement of Nuremberg on Monday, October 24th, 2016. The performance was part of the course's Common Activities. After reading the description of the play and reserving a ticket, I arrived at the Philips Center at 7 pm to watch the play.

Hasina (who has given me permission to use this photo) and I

The Spatial Experience - Upon entering the theatre, my friends, Giselle and I, took our seats on the right side of the stage. Our seats were located on the lower level of the auditorium, allowing us to see the stage from a direct point of view. While we were entering the auditorium, I had mixed feelings of excitement and curiosity, as I had never seen a play in the style of Judgement of Nuremberg. The feelings of excitement and curiosity were heightened as the theatre began becoming more quiet and dimmed in preparation for the play. The large scale of the auditorium made the play seem very formal and made me feel even more excited to see the production. In the good life, your physical place can play a significant role in what you are able to achieve in your life.

Hasina and Giselle (both of whom have given their permission for me to use their photos)

The Social Experience - I had the luxury of attending the play with two of my friends, Hasina and Giselle. Before attending, we were able to read the brief description of the play together, as well as share our expectations of the performance. Attending the play with my friends allowed to my experience to be enhanced because I felt the comfort of being with people I was familiar with in an unfamiliar environment. Additionally, we were able to discuss our thoughts on the play together afterwards. In the good life, shared experiences allow us to experience life on a new level. By sharing our experiences with others we are able to relive them and see them from different points of view.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience - By seeing our culture, as Americans, from the perspective of people from another culture and country, I was able to recognize things about my culture that I otherwise would not have. For example, I noticed that Americans are perceived as welcoming and optimistic people by the Germans who have been to America. The performance's central issue was how those who served the Nazis in the Holocaust would be punished. Before seeing the play, there was no question in my mind that anyone involved in the Holocaust should face the highest form of punishment. However, the performance made the argument that the officials on trial were following the laws set within their country at the time and felt they had no choice but to do so. Although this new perspective was presented to me, my views on the matter still stand. As a freshman in college, I am being presented with a wealth of new information about many topics that I had already had opinions and thoughts about. A large part of the college experience is learning new things that force you to reevaluate and reanalyze your opinions upon the gain of new knowledge.

The Emotional Experience - Katharsis can be observed in Judgement at Nuremberg through one of the last scenes, where one character reveals his involvement in the Holocaust. He confesses that he was fully aware of his actions in the Holocaust and knew that what he was doing was morally wrong. Although this confession ensured that he, along with his colleagues, would be sentenced to life in prison, he revealed this information because katharsis is a key part of being human and happy. Additionally, the play allows us to come clean to ourselves and reexamine ideas and opinions we already had, when presented with new ideas.

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