2021 Atlanta Dream Uniforms H.E.R. Campaign

Entering the 2021 season, the WNBA and Nike have joined forces to tell H.E.R. story. The Dream worked with Nike to create three special uniforms that convey a message around the unique characteristics of Atlanta and to tell our story. The three uniforms have been given the names Heroine, Explorer and Rebel to highlight the power, potential and attitude of the WNBA athlete.

Courageous. Sophisticated. Timeless.

Featuring Tianna Hawkins

Atlanta is the dream.

Atlanta is the city where dreamers come to start their business. For those who dream of starting the next Paschal’s, ZuCot Fine Art Gallery or Slutty Vegan, the A is the place to be.

It’s the city where young dreamers come to attend Historic Black Colleges and Universities. Where scholars come to connect with their history and dream about their future. Dreamers come to Morehouse, Spellman or Clark Atlanta to gain an experience that they can’t get anywhere else, and they stay to be a part of this community.

We are the Dream. We are the athletes that girls in the Southeast grow up watching, we claim the melting pot of a fan base that welcomes all. We make our voices heard and we stand up for our community.

We wear white in our city. The 16 rays on the jersey top are inspired by Atlanta’s National Center for Civil and Human Rights’ “Pentagram” mural that connects the various rights movements and brings them together under one common goal – equality for all.

"The mural connects the various movements and highlights them as part of an evolving struggle to protect the human rights of all." LEARN MORE

When we wear white, we display DREAM across our chest in anthracite, a powerful color that only a Heroine can wear.

Pioneers. Story Tellers. Without Boundaries.

Featuring Odyssey Sims

Atlanta is synonymous with the Civil Rights movement – the movement is engrained in our culture. We are the home of Ebenezer Baptist Church, the site of the country’s most prestigious HBCUs and the birthplace of the pastor whose infamous speech gave the Dream our name.

The men and women of the Civil Rights Movement marched forward, never wavering, until their voices were heard. Their work to fight against discrimination, segregation and injustice was essential, but the fight hasn’t ended.

It would be fatal for the nation to overlook the urgency of the moment. And as we walk, we must make the pledge that we shall always march ahead. We cannot turn back.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

We are the Dream, so you know what we stand for. We echo the voices that paved the way for ours as we inspire the next generation to stand up for their communities and their beliefs. We’re the game changers, the movement leaders, the new progressives.

Red captures attention, it elicits emotion, it exudes confidence. Red is intense and energetic and exciting. We wear red as a symbol of power and we wear red to turn heads.

Just like the Heroine Edition, the Explorer features 16 rays based on the Pentagram mural that come together at the team’s name, representing the courage, sacrifice and legacy of Atlanta’s heroes and heroines that fought for Equality for All.

When we wear red, we wear the name of our city on our chest, standing out from the red in bold white letters. Red ties Atlanta’s sports teams together, proudly representing our city to the Nation.

Unapologetic. Irreverent. Anti-Hero.

Featuring Courtney Williams

The Atlanta music scene is unlike anything else in the world. We’re the home of Southern rap and the birthplace of trap. The scene is always evolving, always influencing, always shocking.

The Dungeon Family put us on the map as Outkast and Goodie Mob broke ground for a new wave of music. Killer Mike set the standard and Migos demolished the walls of hip-hop.

The culture of the new “Motown of hip-hop and R&B” has and continues to influence all forms of mainstream media. We’re what The New York Times called “hip-hop’s center of gravity” and that’s what you feel in every corner of the city. From album posters to street art, Atlanta is vibrant, loud and unapologetic.

Call it Traplanta, call it The ATL, call it what you want – as long as you’re paying attention. We are the epicenter of culture, the hub of innovation and the heart of the movement. We’re the city of rebels who have been redefining the confines of music from the beginning.

The Dream’s Rebel uniform pays homage to 90’s hip-hop and Atlanta’s culture through vibrant colors that flow down the sides. ATL is displayed across the chest in striking blue with a silver star, accompanied by silver and blue logos on the shorts. These colors pop on the anthracite base, disrupting the traditional uniform look to make the Dream stand out like rebels on the court.

Photos by Bee Trofort of Bee Fearless Studios. Makeup by Kimberly Cruz. Story by Kelsey Bibik.