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"Happiness is finding the joy of each passing moments and continue to cherish the good memories of yesterday, finding the YOU within YOU" -John Taguines

Day 1: January 20th

My goal for the 20% project is to bring happiness to the people around me; including my friends and community. Sometimes happiness can come in different forms, like a simple meal, a comment, a smile, or even a hello. So I am planning on going around school and just give random and thoughtful comments towards others. I will also be going around the community and would like to team up with my church to feed the homeless and the community. I am not sure whether I want to team up with someone because it is a lot to do by myself. But I am just gonna flow with it and if an idea pops up, then I will try to complete that.

"You have two hands. One to help yourself, the second to help others"

Day 2: February 3rd

So today, I decided to combine with Alicia and Andaleeb to give back to the community. Our idea is to get recyclables around the community and also from our families. From these recyclables, we will have money and would be able to purchase food and materials for the homeless. We were planning on getting in touch with a company, but we were afraid that we wouldn't be able to see the faces of the homeless, which is what we what we want to do. So we are just going to look for a company that allows that for us, but most likely we will be going a people on the streets. There is a spot near JWNorth which is a spot that we are suggesting. But that is all that we planned so far, but we are really excited to start the project, and to also learn from this experience.

"Don't give for the sake of it, but out of your heart"

Day 3: February 10th

We were able to look at companies and found out that most companies will not allow people to give the products to the homeless; they are only allowed to give the products and offerings to the company itself. It was sad because when we looked into the homeless companies here in Moreno Valley, they were only offices and not actual places where homeless people from the street can come and sleep in. But we did more research for companies that would allow us to actually see the faces of the homeless while we offer our products. I remembered from past times, there is a place down the street from J.W.North High School, that would allow us to see the homeless people and offer our products. So I will try to call them and see what we can re-arrange in order for us to give our products.

"Never be ungrateful, but always be thankful"

Day 4: February 17th

So I have been lacking on my 20% project. For the assignments that Ms. Beaman assigned to us, I wasn't able to complete any of them. The only one that I was able to complete was the organizer and description of what our project is. But our group has not been able to get a mentor and we need to decide fast because time is going really quick. Some of the options that we had included the Teacher of the Interact Club, Mrs. Biere, and also my dad, who is the pastor of my church. Having these options in mind

Spread the love and happiness to others

Day 5: March 3rd

WE FOUND A MENTOR!! So happy and glad that we were able to find a mentor in time. So we decided to pick Mr. Robinson, the counselor, as our mentor. I personally wasn't thinking of having Mr. Robinson as our mentor, but Andaleeb suggested that he would be a great mentor. So we are giving him a shot and hopefully we are able to get through a lot with him helping us. I was also able to look at homeless facilities as well, and located one in Riverside called Path of Life Ministries. With this new facility, we would be able to go inside and take pictures with the homeless people and their reactions.

It's a beautiful day! Capture the moment

Day 6: March 10th

UGHHH! As a group we are really just going with the flow. We are collecting recyclables but it feels like everything is going slow. As a group we are reaching out more and trying to get more recyclables. At my church, many are helping out with the recyclables. But other than that, we are just making not much movement, but just continuing on with what we need to do.

Try to give as much as you as many as you can

Day 7: March 17th

Now, as a group, we are moving forward. We took in our teacher's advice and wanted to reach out here on campus. So we went to the front office and filled out an activities application. Hopefully the process goes fast, and that we will be approved in the following week. As this is going through my head, I just want to reach our goal of $50, because contacting with the facility, we are sort of putting our name and project on the spotlight.

Open your heart and show it to others

Day 8: April 7th

I am writing my blog a week late, because of Spring Break. I honestly did not do anything regarding our 20% project. Many times I would tell myself to go do something productive involving the project, but I got really lazy and always wanted to do something with my family instead of school. I really do regard this, because not only does it leave our project in the same spot as it was, but also takes us nowhere. Hopefully we continue pushing on and make sure that our goal is reached at the end of the school year.

"There can be miracles when you believe"

Day 9: April 14th

As a group, we are not progressing as we have planned to do. We have been overwhelmed with studying for AP classes and also for Prom. During the times that our group was suppose to work on our project, we were distracted and started to procrastinate for later. This is something that I regret doing because we are behind on advertising our project towards the community. But now that the date for our symposium is coming near, we are pushing so that we can succeed for our final goal. Having nothing to show towards our audience for the symposium, we are going to feel ashamed and horrible for pushing later, because we have nothing to show for our progress. But I have already put a flyer together to give out for others. Having this issue in the past, we don't want to run into it later, so we have learned from this mistake that we have made.

There are many miracles you can achieve...when you believe

Day 10: May 1st

WOOW! Today we did our symposium and honestly, I believed that me and my group didn't do that well. We didn't have a board for support of our project or a projector, but we did well. We had bottles and clothing to show a little of what we had, and we also had two computers to show our Instagram and to also show what we were talking about. It was a little bit shaky tho, because at first we were going to dress similarly but we didn't know what each of us had alike. SO, we decided to wear our polo's..and it was kind of funny because many student's believed that our project had to do with a Spa. However, it was really fun doing our presentation with my best friends:)


Day 11: May 12th

So I have discussed with my partners that we will be changing our goal due to the lack of money. As of now, our total earnings for the homeless project was a total of $37.25. This is becoming an issue because our goal was $50 but we are obviously running short with that. So we will be going around the Moreno Valley community and also the Riverside community. With this, we are still keeping our idea the same, but just changing our goal a little bit. We are excited, because not only were we running out of time, but we will also be interacting with the homeless people which was what we started off with. We are very excited for Monday!



And we are done!! I just wanted to write this post because now that I look back into our project, we still completed our initial goal, which was to give to the homeless. This project really opened my eyes to help the homeless more and to give to others more than I receive. I am really happy that we did this for the homeless people


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