Law G hits the screen hard with a poignant, thought provoking video for Pray for Me. Using a simple graveyard as a location, this performance video allows the audience to concentrate on Law's incredible performance and visual prowess.


Law dressed in a black suit will perform throughout the graveyard as he seems to reflect on life and the choices that could eventually land him here. The cinematography is more like a photo shoot with strong framed images. Imagine a GQ issue come to life in a graveyard. Incredibly strong shot composition will bring this to life.

To add to the concept I will also use a female as an angelic presence. We arent quite sure if she is there or not. One minute the woman dressed in all white may be walking between headstones only to disappear a few steps later. Her presence is more of a visual reminder of what awaits from beyond.

I will also use sharply framed shots to tell her story as well. She is that presence Law is praying for so she will appear throughout in a very mysterious visual manner which will drive home the drama.

I look forward to visualizing this record. Lets talk.

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