Her PhOtography and Writing ComposeD by jessa miller

The tidy room and the fluffy purple rug say a girl lives and breathes here

The neatly organized collection of sketch and art pencils say she expresses a message through color and art technique to share who she is with onlookers

The multi-colored stones piled inside a can in the corner of the room say she has been to many beautiful places and keeps rocks from each place to remember the memories from each adventure.

The old worn and torn toe shoes sitting under the desk say she uses her feet and body to portray a story rather than her physical words

The old microscope on the shelf and the antique dolls and knick knacks displayed in the glass cabinet say she loves old and meaningful objects and appreciates the history behind how things came to be

The numerous novels exhibited inside the black bookcase say she strives to know more knowledge and enjoys learning new things

The perfectly sharpened pencils on the kitchen table say that she has a gift of composition and she adores teaching and telling through writing

The National Junior Honor Society certificate framed and displayed in the parents’ master bedroom says she is educationally inclined and works hard for her success but is also humble

The crumpled stack of piano and choir music melodies spread out on the bench say she has a special love and passion for music

The overflowing shoe boxes stuffed with old cards and souvenirs in the closet say she longs to hold onto memories and not forget the little and important moments in her life

The worn bible and the cross necklace hanging from a hook in the jewelry box says she has faith and is not shy to share it with other people

The unique collection of jewelry says she has a colorful personality and when the light shines upon her, her personality sparkles through

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