Living Out the Kingdom Call 18 APRIL 2021 | TRADITIONAL SERVICE | REV BENJAMIN LAU

Living Out the Kingdom Call


Rev Benjamin Lau

Scripture Passage: Acts 1-2 (NIV)



Imagine suddenly when everyone receives the gift of the Holy Spirit. Thousands begin to join our community. There is a deep hunger growing to listen to the apostles’ teachings. People gather in homes and break bread together. People start to share their resources, sell their belongings and distribute to the needy. This was probably the scene that took place right after the day of the Pentecost. So how do we become such a vibrant community just like it has been described in the early church?

Today, we have become a community living in a very individualistic age. We value self-dependence, self-worth, and full control over our own lives and future. Our church is a community of believers and just like the church in Acts 2, let us live out the Kingdom Call with one another.

Living out the Kingdom Call involves these elements:

1. Embracing our Kingdom Call (Acts 1:8, Acts 2:42) – Jesus calls all of us to be his witnesses wherever we go -- we are to be the witness of the hope of Jesus Christ in our lives. Jesus assures that we will not be doing this in our own strength, but to wait for the power of the Holy Spirit to come upon us. Jesus gave this Great Commission to his disciples to go make disciples of all nations. His disciples devoted themselves to this Kingdom call by persevering in the faith and by being close to the Lord every single day. Through the posture of our hearts, we can also embrace this Kingdom Call through our full surrender.

2. Living in Kingdom Partnership (Acts 2:42, 44-45) – We are communal beings. We need to live in partnership with one another. Fellowship or Koinonia is the deepest kind of support system that is more than just a social gathering. It is the act of loving and looking out for one another; sharing the burdens and caring for the emotional needs of one another. This is why the Small Group is so important. It is a platform where we can watch over one another and grow in holiness together. The church is the people of God coming together. We all have been given spiritual gifts to help one another. The church succeeds when everyone is serving with their spiritual gifts and living out what they are called to do. When we serve, we can make an impact in God’s Kingdom.

3. Investing in Kingdom Multiplication (Acts 2:47) – Discipleship is pointless if it does not lead to the saving of souls. When we live out the Kingdom Call, there will be a multiplying impact. Whichever life stage we are in, God has a purpose for us. We can do our part in laying the foundation for the next generation. We are responsible to invest in the lives of others so that Kingdom multiplication can happen.

How are we living out the Kingdom Call in our lives today?

The people of God IS the church. We do not need the building to be one. We do not need a large gathering to be called a church. If we can meet up socially, we can meet up to be a Small Group. We need to be an authentic community – a regular gathering of a few like-minded people to worship, pray, build up our faith, teach and to encourage one another.

Regardless of the Covid-19 situation, all these do not change. We are still sons and daughters of the most High God – loved, empowered and anointed to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to a world in need of Him. We are still God’s witnesses. Our circumstances do not change our identity. Let us not be lured into a spiritual slumber, but to arise and shine. The Kingdom mission has not changed. While the rules have changed, the game remains the same. We still need to live out the Kingdom way to make an impact for Christ.

(Sermon Notes by Honey Vreugdewater)


1. What is your key takeaway from today's message?

2. Can you recall the last time you experience such a renewed power of the Holy Spirit in your life?

3. Are there fellow Christians in your community whom you can watch over one another in love today?

4. How can we practically live out our Kingdom call today? Are there someone whom you can reach out to or invest your time in?