Gagné's houses Perfect houses for Your crazy side

Here in Québec, we are happy to present to you gagné's perfect houses! They are made for your crazy side so you can have quite some fun! First of all it's fully built upside down so you can live in a way never experienced before.

After, because there is never enough, we made the house in a way you can have power only from a loud generator on the roof. That way, you dont depend from hydroquebec! The generator is made to work under extreme conditions like -69c. Its able to resist gun shots from your angry neighbours that try to sleep!

We also included a playroom for your kids or futur kids. Its fully automated to turn your kids against you so they can be free! This room is actually able to realise any want, so your kids could kill you to get access to everything they want because the house is also fully automated!

We also included an automated gym so you can "work out" to impress the females! You dont have to do a thing exept walk to the place you wanna use! All engines used to make the room work are included and have a 1 week garanty! We are not responsible for people that discover your secret.

This house is a must buy at a price point of only 12 millions! Anybody can get such a house! We dont give the fuel for the generator. Maximum of 5 people can live in these houses. Insurance not included.


Created with images by uroburos - "cottage upside-down house architecture" • schnattertriene - "house is upside down places of interest"

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