My Harn Experience by: ari rachman

At first glance of this gorgeous piece of art, I was oddly confused about the array of this design. It has a crazy amount of colors to it which really makes you feel genuinely happy inside. My first thought about what this portrayed was the diversity of our world. As I was reading the story behind this, it is very similar as it dates back to near World War II.

This particular exhibit stuck out to me because it was in the middle of this wing in the museum. It is displayed as an independent work of art in this wing. This is an idealistic image of an African back in the 1500's. The exhibition interrogates human-spirit relationships and how they evolve as the elusive spirits disappear.
I chose this work of art for my core value aspect because my most important core value is love & family. This displays the ancestors that these fabrics have been passed down upon. These cloth panels are passed down from family member after family member which is the reason that this figure is wearing multiple cloths. Family and tradition is pivotal to keep around and love for your blood is what drives it to keep going.
As I was looking around for a picture to reflect on the good life, this work of art immediately caught my attention. The first thing I thought when I saw this was this is so representative of the family home I plan on having a few years down the road. Life isn't always about living in an urban area, it's about moving away from the distractions so you can focus on family. Family is a huge part in my life and this painting does a great job at portraying so.

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