The Athy College Leaving Certificate Applied Program Co-ordinator Ms. Ann Lawlor

ATTENDANCE: Before applying for this program, please note that there is a 90% attendance requirement. Absence is allowed for a medical reason with a doctors cert submitted. Notes from parents will not be accepted as a reason for absences. Failure to achieve 90% attendance results in automatic failure to achieve credits towards key assignments completed for each subject. Please keep this in mind prior to applying for this course.

Progresstion after the LCA program: Upon successful completion of the LCA program your options are 1) Apply for a level 5 Post Leaving Cert course of your choice 2) Apply for an apprenticeship 3) take up employment. If you choose to opt for a level 5 PLC course in further education you can then apply to a 3rd level institute upon successful completion of the PLC course and further your studies. Please note that you cannot apply for an IT or University college place after completion of the LCA program, you must complete a PLC first then apply to progress.

How do I apply for LCA: To apply for the Leaving Certificate Applied program you must complete an application form and you will then be called for an interview to ascertain your suitabiity for the course. If you are successful you will be accepted onto the course. Please note places are limited and therefore it is important to apply early.

How does the LCA program work: The program is based on a continuous assessment format over two years. This is the reason why attendance is so important. If you are not in school you will not complete the required work for each subject. You sit six state exams at the end of year two in June. All work produced must be of a high standard to achieve credits towards the end result of the LCA program.

Assessment: Assessment is based on the successful completion of 4 key assignments for each subject module/topic. There are 7 tasks (typed projects) with external examiner interviews over the course of the 2 years. Credits are awarded on the quality of the project and the student interview. You will also be assessed during written state examinations in June of year 2

What subjects will I study: You can choose between Hotel Catering & Tourism or Graphics and Construction:You will complete 4 modules and 16 key assignments over the two years. These subjects your first specialisms on the course. You must complete 1 task in each year. You have a written exam in June of year 2

Hotel Catering and Tourism: You will complete 4 modules -Eating out-the fast food way, Eating out- hotels and restaurants, Hospitality in tourism and catering for diversity. Task in year one is organising and catering a staff/parents dining experience and task in year two is cooking several dishes and writing up a report on each.

Hotel Catering an Tourism task

Graphics and Construction: You will complete 4 modules- Graphic Communication, Construction, Woodcraft and Design and manufacture of Educational toys. You will complete two tasks:- one in year 1 and one in year two which involve making a wooden item, typing up a project and attending an interview to explain your work in each year.

Making a project for the Graphics and Construction task

Vocational Preparation and Guidance: This subject prepares you for your entry into 3rd level PLC further education courses, Apprenticeships and the business world. You must complete 8 modules including 32 Key Assignments and 1 Task. You will engage in 4 weeks work experience each year. It is broken into 2 week blocks per session and there are 4 sessions in total. This is a mandatory requirement of the course. You must have a workplace secured well in advance of work experience dates. You will engage with the Career Guidance Counsellor every week also as part of this subject. This will allow you to plan for your future and what you will do when you leave Athy College. All students will know their path and have arranged either their level 5 PLC course, apprenticeship or work place prior to finishing secondary school here.

Studemt's Work Experience with a Builder
Working at an Equestrian Centre
Working in a store for a local business

English & Communications: You must complete 4 modules and 16 Key Assignments over two years. You also have an oral exam in May and a written exam in June of year two.

Social Education: This program covers Social and Health Education, My Commiunity, Taking Charge of business and money matters and Contemporary issues in the world. You will complete 24 key assignments and 2 tasks over the 2 years. You will also sit a written exam in June of year two.

Mathematics Applications: You will complete 4 modules and 16 key assignments over two years. You will sit a written exam in June of year two. All of the maths modules are based on real life mathematics and it is a very practical course.

Information, Communications and Technology ICT: This program covers an introduction into computers, word processing and other software packages. You learn how to use all google software, Word processing, Spreadsheets, Databases, Desktop publishing, Research on the Internet and Text entry. You will complete 24 Key assignments over the two years and one task in year 2. You will also complete an inhouse examination as part of the state exams in year 2. This subject is your second specialism on the course

We are a Google for Education Reference School

Religious Education: This subject is known as the elective module and is studied over 2 years. You will complete 4 modules with 16 key assignments.

Languages: You will study two languages -one each year. The languages studied on the program are Irish and Spanish. You will complete 4 modules and 16 key assignments. You will also sit a written exam in June for year 1 and also in year 2. Languages are alternated every year but you will have the opportunity to study one each year.

Arts Education: You will study visual arts over 2 years and complete 8 key assignments.

LCA Art Exhibition

Leisure and Recreation: You will complete this module over 2 years and complete 8 Key Assignments. You will study Physical Activity for Performance and Physical Activity for Health and Fitness

Gym work during Leisure and Recreation class

What if I have an exemption from the study of languages: Those who have a language exemption from Junior cycle due to a learning difficulty may apply for exemptions to languages on this program also.

Leaving Certificate Applied Terminology:

Key Assignments: To be awarded credits upon completion of a subject area/topic you must complete these to a high standard or the very best of your ability. You will be awarded 1 or 2 credits per Key assignment. If you sit an exam in June of year 2 for the subject you receive 1 credit if not you receive 2 credits.

Tasks: This is a practical activity. To gain credits you must conduct an investigation using desk and field research, type up a report and engage in an nterview with an external examiner. You can receive a maximun of 10 credits. You will complete 7 in total.

Year 1 Tasks: Three in total- Social Education task on My Community and Vocational Preparation & Guidance task on either Career Investigation or Enterprise (set up a mini company) and HCT/Graphics

Year 2 Tasks: Four in total- Social Education task on Contemporary Issues, HCT/Graphics task, ICT taskand Practical Achievement task( this one must be completed by the student in their own time outside of school) and Personal Reflection task (This includes writing about your experiences in both years. You complete one each year. and it is posted to the State Exams Commission for grading)

Here is a video which shows a tiny snapshot of what we do on the program

For more information please email Ms Ann Lawlor LCA Program coordinator in Athy College alawlor@athycollege.ie and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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