Napoleon's Three Mistakes By brandon harker & luis montano

The Continental System

The Continental system was a blockade designed by Napoleon to paralyze Great Britain, it proclaimed that any neutrals and french allies were not to trade with Britain. This policy failed because it was almost impassable for the french to control the seas without a very large fleet. Most European countries including France depended on British goods.

The Peninsular Campaign

The Peninsular Campaign was in 1808 Portugal was ignoring the continental system. Napoleon sent an army through Spain to invade Portugal For five years peasants and farmers attacked French armies in Spain. The British sent solders to help the Spanish rebels. The French lost 30,000 men. Germany and Italy thought like Spain that felt they were abused and began to rebel.

Invasion of Russia

Invasion of Russia was Napoleon's worst mistake. Czar was an Allie with France but would not stop trading goods with Russia. In June 1812 The French invaded Russia. The Russians began burning grain fields and slaughtering livestock so the french would not have much to eat. Many soldiers from the the french army would leave in search of food. When Napoleon took Moscow they waited for a peace treaty after 5 days he ordered his army to retreat. On the way back their were many raiders that would attack Napoleon's army.


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