College Street Style Nikki falten

Nikki Falten, a senior in International Studies wore what she considered to be the perfect Spring outfit on the day of the interview. Focus on light colors and unique fabrics gave her look an airy quality perfect for the warming weather. Falten relied heavily on friends and family as well as traveling abroad to construct this look. The embroidered white top is from a small market in Vietnam, the flower print sweater is from Gypsy Moon Emporium at 9th and 9th, the patchwork denim are hand-me-downs from her friend's sister and Falten swears her shoes simply appeared in her closet one day.

"I am wearing my favorite top which I purchased in a small market in Vietnam. It has a beautiful bird on it and I call it my chef's shirt because the cut of the shirt makes me look like a top chef."

When asked where she acquired her two eye catching rings, one made of plain silver, the other faceted with a large turquoise stone, Falten replied that one had been a gift while the other had been bought while out of country. "My mom gave me the silver one, I always wear it to think of her. The silver and turquoise ring came from Kathmandu, Nepal. The vendor swore on his life that it was real silver so I had to pay the extra rupee for it. Did I believe him? No. What is worth the extra rupee though? Hell (heck?) ya! Now I'll never forget Nepal."

Falten also considered accessories to be essential to her wardrobe, thanks in part to their sentimental value but also because they lend her a feeling of individuality. "My jewelry is hands down the most essential part of my wardrobe. Even on an off-day where I roll out of bed wearing the same clothes from the previous one, I'll at least throw on a necklace or a pair of earrings. It's not so much about making my outfit look put together but more about making myself feel more human. More like myself."

Although Falten found herself entirely infatuated with different eras of fashion, she had a hard time applying it to her own style. When it comes down to getting dressed in the morning, Falten does not look outward for inspiration. "I used to be really obsessed with 40's fashion with glamorous the flapper girls and guys in zoot-suits. This doesn't really transcend in my outfits. I guess I try not to copy others because when I do I feel extremely uncomfortable."

Falten also linked her style to her personality, one she deems to be a little all over the place at times. "My style really matches my personality. It's very scattered and nothing really goes together but it seems to work, I think. It's like a pot of soup with a bunch of ingredients thrown together that still ends up tasting good."

When it came to future purchases Falten planned on making, there really weren't many things that came to mind. A new pair of shoes or perhaps a watch was all Falten could think of. It's clear that Falten doesn't worry too much about what she's going to be wearing in the future, preferring to stumble upon pieces here and there out of luck.

Even though Falten expressed a love for 90's fashion as a current trend, she felt that chokers should have been left behind. "I know I'm kind of contradicting myself but I hate chokers as a trend. Wake up and realize you look like every other girl out there! There are so many ways to pull off, or do 90's street fashion justice. Just think for yourself, be creative."

Individual style and creating your own, personal look are what Falten considers to be crucial when devising outfits. The only advice I have for those looking to infuse some of Falten's style into their own, you had best stick to thrift shops and start saving up for a plane ticket

"If I had to choose anything to buy next it would probably be a new pair of shoes to replace these ones, maybe a watch as well."
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