Forensic Detectives max,escamilla

Etiology lesson:CANCER

Cancer is a really dangerous illness.It can include tumors and other mutations.A tumor is a swelling in part of the body.And mutations is another and more scientific word for change.Some cancer patients lose their because of chemotherapy.Chemotherapy targets all fast dividing cells.As well as cancer cells.


For our tongue(Taste),most of our The sense of touch is the first to develop in humans at about 8 weeks into the gestation period.Taste buds are located on our papillae.And now smell.The word "Olfactory Fatigue" is another fancy word for smell.The way the sense of touch works is complex.

Sense part 2:Hearing and sight

The part of your eye,the vitreous humor's function is to give the eyeball its shape.Special cones inside your eye determine the color we see.Our retina cannot detect the color red.We all hear.Well,almost.Many suffer from hearing loss.This is a rare Hearing involves sound waves going in to your ear canal and vibrating.

Etiology lesson:Bacteria

Many people think bacteria is a bad thing.But its not.Bacteria is good and bad.EVERYTHING has bacteria.Bacteria is a living thing.You can see bacteria through a microscope.

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