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Mathew Mendoza

I am a full time student who shoots portrait photography, manages a soundcloud group and YouTube channel based off of San Francisco. I am looking forward to majoring in Computer Network Information Technology. I've been living here my whole life and I plan to stay here.

I am a San Franciscan who loves fashion, food, the art of photography, technology, and even cars. On social media, you would see me take portraits of people or posing for a photo opp to show friends and family what I do in my free time. I also take photos for a clothing brand by the name of UnitySD. If you see me around you will most likely catch me staring at cars because the automotive is just fascinating to me. Especially cars that have been built with a lot of hard work and ready to fly. I am looking forward to own a Dodge Charger Hellcat one day.

When I am not doing photography or being astonished by the automotive world, I take classes at City College of San Francisco and aim to get certifications as well as a Associates Degree. I study and focus so that I can buy what I desire and help my family as much as I can. Just letting you know all photos on this page was taken by thee with a Canon 6D and a Sony A7III.

Gallery Walk.

Here are a few shots that I have taken the past year. All of these pictures have a background story ranging from hanging out with friends to a family bond that cannot be broken.

Shots with the Cannon 6D
Shots with the Sony A7III.

Contact Information

Here are some of my contact information if you have any questions or concerns. There will be a LinkedIn hyperlink as well as my photography instagram to keep you updated. Don't forget to check out the clothing brand @unitysd. Thank you and have a good day!

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