The American Civil war Inventions By: Aryana Wallace

Gatling Gun

  • The Gatling gun was the first easily usable, and reliable machine gun to first get a taste of action in the civil war.
  • the basic design to the gatling gun is still used in modern military.
  • The inventor of the gatling gun was Richard Gatling he was a no novice inventor.
  • The machine gun could fire up to 150-200 rounds per minute.

The double Barrel Cannon

  • The cannon was roughly 13 inches wide and 4 feet 8 inches in length.
  • After the civil war ended the city of Athens sold the Double Barrel Cannon.
  • While attempting to test the cannon the chain broke and each ball took its's own course one ball hit a nearby cabin and destroyed the chimney. The other veered off and struck a cow killing it instantly.
  • The two cannon balls were connected by roughly ten feet of chain.

Civil War Submarine

  • Submarines are considered practically illegal
  • A submarine practically looked like a large enclosed row boat that used twelve oarsmen's for propulsion.
  • During a test Run for the Hunley with its inventor inside during a mock attack the skipper failed to pull out of the dive and Hunley drove first into the sea floor. Due to water pressure Hunley and his crew could not escape.
  • In 1623 Correllious Drebbel believed to create the very first working submarine.

Ironclad Warship

  • The ironclad warship wasn't invented during the civil war.
  • in 1592 Korean royal navy launched what some believed was the first iron clad.
  • Known as a turtle ship because of its rounded "shell" it protected the crew and the deck was covered with iron spikes to repeal borders.
  • The ironclads were some of the first ships to be armored with metal and propelled by steam engines and not just wind.

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