China Air Pollution What are the causes of the air pollution problem in China? What is China currently doing to fix air pollution?

Chinese boy with a mask on to filter polluted air -

Smog in China is an issue that burdens the Chinese public daily. People have to leave their homes with masks to not inhale the polluted air. The causes of air pollution are emissions that humans have caused.

Chinese worker sorting out coal, the largest source of air pollution -

Combustion is the largest source of pollution. This involves combustion from traffic, industry, and homes. Reports have shown that over 270 factories over China are exceeding their emissions. This is because factories aren't logging their emissions and are lying to the government.

Air pollution is proved to cause chronic respiratory diseases. There were a reported 51,000 deaths in China due to lung cancer from air pollution. This happens when the PM 2.5 particles enter the lungs and bloodstream, causing sickness.

China has recently issued a new 5 Year Plan to reduce air pollution by 18% by 2020. This plan also ensures that business are reporting to the government and logging their emissions. China now keeps track of air pollution in more than 400 cities and also releases reports to show the people their progress of cleaning the air.

This current topic of air pollution connects Maoism. Mao Zedong recognized the power of the peasantry and of agricultural cultivation. This connects to the fact that China has been ignoring environmentalists and have allowed factories to pollute the air. The government believes that factories are giving jobs to the lower class worker, which is more important than the environment. Air pollution is set aside for the financial benefit of the country, or factory work.

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