Uranium by: Carter Stahly

On the 6 of August, 1945, the United States of America dropped the first atomic bomb used in warfare on Hiroshima, Japan. The atomic bomb, nick-named "Little Boy", used uranium. So did the second bomb, "Fat Man". So lets learn a little about uranium.

Uranium was discovered in 1789, Berlin Germany, by Martin Heinrich Klaproth.

Uranium has ninety-two protons and ninety-two electrons in a neutral atom. With an atomic mass of 238.02891, it has 148 neutrons.

The Atom Bombs dropped on Japan in 1945 used depleted uranium, specifically uranium 225 (depleted form). This diagram shows how the first bomb, "Little Boy", used the uranium 225.
Uranium was used in ancient times as an ingredient for glassware!
Uranium is used in nuclear power plants as uranium rods, along with plutonium rods.
Uranium is also used to create deadly nuclear weapons, many countries have large stockpiles with Russia and the U.S in the lead. Plus uranium is used in bullets for several fighter jets/planes.
The International Uranium Film Festival was created in 2010, in Rio De Janeiro. Named after Uranium, after six years the film festival has made its way to the birth place of Uranium, Berlin, Germany.
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