Oxygen Made by Daya Nunez, Thanh Do, Jazmine Grigsby, Angeles Millan

Hi My name is Thanh Do. Right now i am making this website about oxygen! i am With Daya Nunez, Jazmine Grigsby, and Angeles Millan. Hope you like what we made.

The Basic

  • Element name: Oxygen
  • Atomic Number: 8
  • Atomic Mass: 15.999
  • Chemical Symbol: O
  • Atomic Structure: ( # of Protons, # of neutrons, # of electrons) Protons: 8, Electrons: 8, Neutron: 8
  • State of matter: (Gasses)
  • is it a Metal, Nonmetal, Metalloid? (Nonmetal)

Bhor Diagram of oxygen

Placement on the periodic table of the elements by group and period: period 2, Group 16

The # of valence electrons = 6

Is Oxygen Unstable or stable? (Oxygen is unstable, so it can chemically reactive)

If Oxygen is unstable, does oxygen bond covalenty, ionicly, or both? (Ionicly)

What is our element (Oxygen) used for?

We don not only use oxygen to breath, but we can also use it for many other things like... It can be used by animals and plants in the respiration process. oxygen is also used in medicine to treat people with breathing problems. They are also used as life support for astronauts and subba divers. and the majority of the oxygen used industry is used in the manufacturing of steel.


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