Tech & Learning Leadership Summit Marina Del Ray, CA

#Jenallee recently had the privilege of attending our very first Tech & Learning Leadership Summit. I'm sure you're wondering, "What is a T&L Leadership Summit?" That's a great question. We wondered the same thing before we were able to attend. We had heard of others attending and wondered what all the buzz was about. So we applied and we were accepted...YAY!!! It was a fantastic few days of networking, learning and discussing educational issues we all face.

Day #1

Off-Site Visit: Exploring Social Emotional Learning Through Mindfulness

With the growing interest in Social Emotional Learning in K-12 districts, mindfulness has become an increasingly popular tool to help schools achieve a healthier, happier school culture. We started our trip with a visit to Headspace, makers of the popular mindfulness app, to tour their new facility and learn more about the findings from Headspace’s extensive research on the science of meditation. It was a great experience and we will definitely be sharing our new knowledge with our district leadership. Check out the link below and see how you can use Headspace - your guide to health and happiness.

Stressed out?

  1. Stay Focused
  2. Boost Compassion
  3. Try Headspace for FREE
Live a healthier, happier, more well-rested life with Headspace
We enjoyed our tour
Dinner on the rooftop

Day #2

General Session: Cultivating Empathy in Students at the Intersection of Testimony and Technology

We were able to participate in a demonstration of USCShoah Foundation's Interactive Biography from its “Dimensions in Testimony” program. We “met” and interacted with a survivor of a Holocaust concentration camp via the Foundation’s Interactive biographies, which are interactive educational tools that permit visitors to have "virtual conversations" with survivors of genocide about their life experiences.

“Dimensions in Testimony” incorporates interview content recorded with advanced filming techniques, next-generation natural language processing, and specialized display technologies to deliver an interacting learning experience that invites students to drive their own exploration of the past and consider its impact on the present. As a result, students develop knowledge, communication and critical thinking skills, and empathy -- all of which are important for active citizenship.
An unbelievable experience!

Working Groups and Sponsor Meetings

We spent the afternoon in small working group sessions discussiong toics such as:

  1. Learning Spaces
  2. Digital Citizenship
  3. Emerging Technologies
  4. Personalized Learning

We also met with event sponsors to hear about the great services that they offer:

  1. ClassLink
  2. Gaggle
  3. Lightspeed
  4. Securly
  5. GuideK12
  6. Howard
  7. Casio
Check out this @wakelet with curated tweets from the 2019 T&L Leadership Summit in California.👉 http://wke.lt/w/s/UH6aE Thank you @techlearning for an amazing learning experience. #emsproud #MIEExpert #Wakeletwave #TLTechLive @Headspace @USCShoahFdn

It was such an engaging weekend filled with awesome networking opportunities. We were able to share successes and struggles and learn from each other. There's nothing better than meeting other educators from around the globe and realizing that we all share the same educational issues.

We can't wait for the next event!


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