Self Designed Experiment 1 Effects of Waking up 30 minutes earlier


The physical and emotional effects of giving myself 30 more minutes to prep in the morning. Giving myself more time to get ready, eat breakfast, and prepare for class.


I think waking up 30 minutes earlier will make me more alert in the classroom, as well as give me the time I need to eat before class. I think it will make me feel not as rushed for my first class each morning.


I plan to spend 2 weeks following through with this project. Using my Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9:05 am class as a constant. Week one I plan to wake up normal time, and record my feelings on those three mornings of that week. On week two I plan to wake up 30 minutes earlier, and again record my feelings that morning.



Overall I was surprised by the results of this experiment. In the morning I did not enjoy missing those 30 minutes. I felt even more negative because I was grumpy and annoyed that I missed my oh-so-precious sleep. However, as I was sitting in my first class, I will admit that I felt a bit more alive and less like a zombies slaving away at notes. I could comprehend what my professor was teaching, and felt like I was learning rather than copying what he was saying.

A big problem in this lab was my inconsistency as to when I was falling asleep. Waking up groggy in the morning was largely due to the fact that I fell asleep very late the night before. This lab showed me that I need to re-consider my sleeping habits, and get to bed at a decent hour to be fair to my body.

Slowly but surely, I would like to train my body to wake up earlier and earlier naturally. I feel much more productive when I avoid sleeping my day away, but I think the immediate change made it a little more difficult to adjust. For now through the summer, I will move my alarm up by 5-10 minutes per week, so that by August I can feel prepared to take on the day.

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