Lewis and Clark By hunter pepo

Key players

1. Meriwether lewis: He was the the captain of the the operation. Before the expedition, he was a soldier and a politician. Born August 18, 1774, Died: October 11, 1809.

2. william clark: he was a farmer, an author, and was Lewis's commander in the military. Clark owned a slave named york and was the map-maker. Born August 1, 1770, died September 1, 1838.

3. sacajawea: She was the translator, knew a lot about the terrain, and helped calm other indian tribes. Her husband was Toussaint Charbonneau, a member of the expedition. She was born in Lemhi County, Idaho, ID, died December 20, 1821.

4. York: He was a slave for clark's father and he passed it down to clark. York went on the expedition and he confused the indians, because they have never seen a black person before. Born 1770 – died before 1832

5. Thomas jefferson: one of the founding father, and the 3rd president. He ordered the expedition by his secretary of state Meriwether Lewis. He served 2 terms, born April 13, 1743-died July 4, 1826

The accomplishment: The lewis and clark mapped out a large portion of North America, established trade with Native Americans, and discovered many new species of plants and animals.

Hardships: weather (above), animals, disease, indians, drowning, falling, eating raw meat or bad plants, and temperature.

Animal species discovered: Prairie dogs, Prickly pear cactus, Blue flax, california hazelnut, coyote, ermine, canadian goose, ocean spray, American raven, and the Blue catfish.

Tools: 25 hatchets (a tool similar to an axe), 2 horses (similar to a donkey, but can be ridden easier), 24 large knives (used for killing, gutting, climbing, carving, sharpening, and other things.

St. Louis ---) Missouri river ---) Great falls ---) Clearwater river ---) Columbia river ---) Fort Clatsop

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