Prelude to Spring Herring season

It almost seems a rite of passage every year, and one I personally admit slips my mind. But a pre-spring drive through the streets of Parksville, British Columbia ultimately causes the heart rate to elevate. YES!!!... there it is!!... that stunning aquamarine blue water and the presence of seemingly unending fishing vessels! It's herring season... 2017!

As I rapidly make my way to various vantage points to view this spectacle, at every point I meet up with local residents and families out for a Saturday walk. It's a festive atmosphere, in spite of the biting cold temperature. The wind blew strong and oh so freezing off the water, and everyone shivered in their coats but stood their ground. After all, it was a sign that we were finally coming out from under the harshest winter this region of temperate weather had seen in a very long time.

The stunning aquamarine blue is caused by herring milt mixing with salt water as spawning occurs. The water and skies are filled with life, from seals barking from their water locations, to gulls, bald eagles, and endless winged creatures circling in the sky. The sea has signalled its bounty, in the most colourful way.

The day leaves one with an excitement, knowing that spring, in all it's beauty, is upon us. Soon, the familiar yellow of daffodils will appear, followed by the gorgeous splash of colour courtesy of spring tulips, signalling the explosion of blossoms from fruit and ornamental trees alike. Another rite of passage come and gone!

Created By
Dianne Lynn


All photos: Dianne Lynn Photography

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