Nassau Bahamas


the Bahamas is 313 miles south of Florida, and you can get there by a plane of cruise ship/boat


Nassau has many attractions and tourist sites but people run them. Nassau natives are called Nassuvians. In 2014 there were 267,000 people living there. Over half of those people work in the tourism industry. 85% of the population is African 12% is Caucasian and 3% is Asian and Hispanic. The majority of the population is 70% Protestant 12% Roman Catholic and 18% is Christian. Some people from a European decent speak with a slight British accent.


Nassau Bahamas is 21 miles long and 7 miles wide. two bridges connect Nassau and paradise island. The bridge is about one mile long water temps usually stay over 70 degrees Fahrenheit. the average temperature is around 92 degrees in the summer and 72 in the winter. The island also has over 15 beaches covered in soft white sand.


Nassau is prime in tourism, but that isn't the only thing it specializes in. the tourism industry is 60% off the GDP in Nassau. There are so many attractions and things to see in Nassau, but it the island isn't just for touring. The Bahamas has about 184 banks,1 airport, and there are a lot of ports through out the entire island. the air port in Nassau was named Lynden Pindling after prime minister Lynden Oscar Pindling. Nassau makes a lot of money from all industry.

Bridge from Nassau to paradise islands


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