Yoga A few basics

What is yoga?

Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice that originated in ancient India over 5,000 years ago.

A few visions of India. Can you find India on a world map?

The yoga we do here in the U.S. is a more modern form which is mostly about the physical practice of asana, a series of postures often weaved together in a sequence and often linked to breath. Asana practice is generally intended to build strength and stamina, to improve flexibility, coordination and balance, and to relax the body. However, this provides only one small aspect of the tradition of yoga as a whole.

What does yoga mean to you?

According to the dictionary, the term yoga comes from a Sanskrit word which means yoke or union. It often is thought of as a a practice that helps cultivate a connection or union between the mind and body.

Yoga may have different meanings for each and everyone of us. The practice can integrate breathing and meditation with physical movement or these can be practiced separately.

What does yoga mean to you?

Doing a little bit of yoga each day can have many positive benefits to your overall health.

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