Island of Capri AMALFI Coast, ITALY

A sunny break in the long term forecast had us and many others with a similar idea head over to Capri for a day trip!

Luckily we had booked on an intimate small group tour with a local guide in the know who could get us on the relevant buses and boats without the long waits others had to endure.

Due to the rough waters, the smaller boats weren’t going out which we were supposed to be booked on, so after some heavy negotiations and a bit of waiting we had ourselves a larger boat all to ourselves!

If Jenny could survive, then it wasn’t that rough and the mind blowing scenery was enough to take her mind off it.

After exploring the two main towns and the breathtaking views from the top, we made our way back to the port to catch the late ferry home. Whilst you can see why the island is popular with the celebrities and super wealthy for it’s stunning beauty, I’m not sure why you would want to have your patch of paradise trampeded daily by about 6,000 excited tourists? Maybe they like being seen?

Created By
Stephen Mathieson