The I-29/I-480/West Broadway System Interchange project includes the area of I-29 north of the Union Pacific Railroad Bridge (UPRR) to a point just west of North 25th Street along with the I-480 corridor to the Iowa side of the Missouri River crossing.

This project will add roadway capacity , improve safety, and correct functional design issues at this location and at adjacent interchanges 41st Street, 35th Street, Avenue G and 9th Avenue.

Council Bluffs residents and interstate travelers will soon notice interstate construction activities beginning near the I-29/I-480/West Broadway System Interchange. Construction will begin in early spring 2021 and continue through 2024.

What To Expect During Construction

As cranes and trucks move into this area, we’re committed to being a good neighbor. We understand it can be frustrating at times, which is why we’ll do what we can to minimize impacts and keep you informed.

OFTEN: Daily or Weekly

  • NOISE – Construction can be noisy. Expect us to schedule the most disruptive work at times that are least impactful to neighbors.

OFTEN: Daily or Weekly

  • HEAVY MACHINERY – Expect to see large equipment in use during construction. There will also be an increase in trucks entering and exiting the construction area.
  • DUST – Construction can produce dust. However, we try to keep impacts at a minimum through the use of sweepers and water trucks.

RARELY: Several Times a Month, or Less

  • LANE SHIFTS & CLOSURES – Closures are needed to safely complete our work. Please slow down and follow signs in the work zone.
  • VIBRATION – Activities like drilling and excavation may cause vibration. These activities are monitored for safe levels.
  • RAMP & INTERSTATE CLOSURES – Several short and longer-term ramp closures will be needed throughout construction. Real-time traffic and closure information can be accessed via 511. A frontage road system will help alleviate traffic disruptions.

RARELY: Several Times a Month, or Less

  • PROPERTY ACCESS – A few properties may experience temporary access modifications to allow crews to safely pave and make other modifications. Property owners can expect coordination prior to access changes.
  • NIGHTTIME WORK – At times construction activities will need to occur overnight to accommodate road closures. However, we will try to keep impacts such as noise and light at a minimum.

As construction begins, drivers will be traveling through more work zones. We all play a part in keeping our roads safe. To protect drivers, construction workers, and yourself, it is critical to use extra caution when driving through a work zone.

  • Slow down
  • Stay alert
  • Obey signs
  • Allow a safe following distance
  • Pay attention and avoid distractions, like cell phones
  • Expect the unexpected

Frequently Asked Questions

When will construction start and be completed?

Construction is expected to start in March 2021. The official start date is contingent on FHWA and Iowa DOT approvals and the contractor mobilizing to the site. Construction activities will continue until late 2024.

Will I-29 remain open throughout construction?

I-29 will be closed to traffic for approximately one year, however traffic will be diverted to the newly constructed frontage roads. Full closures of both the interstate and frontage roads will be limited to overnight, short-term closures.

Vibrations/construction activities have damaged something in my home. Who do I contact?

You may detect vibrations and increased noise levels due to construction activities when the contractor is working. If you have specific concerns, please contact our public information officer at 712-216-3339.

Construction activities are impacting my business. Who do I contact?

CouncilBluffsInterstate.IowaDOT.gov will be the program’s main means for disseminating construction-related information to the public. Please visit the site often to learn about changes happening near you. If you have specific concerns, please contact our public information officer at 712-216-3339.

Will I have access to my property during construction?

All individuals with property inside the work limits will be provided access to and from their property by the contractor during construction. If you have specific concerns, please contact our public information officer at 712-216-3339.

How will I know about traffic impacts in my area?

To learn about real-time traffic and detour updates, visit the Traveler Info page. If you have specific questions regarding traffic impacts, please contact our program office at 712-216-3339.

Stay Informed! Know Before You Go!

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