Planet Metcon 1000 lightyears from earth

Size of our planet

The size of our planet is approximately 1200 miles in diameter with a height of 1234 miles high. It is a tiny planet with 4 countries which are Roshe, Max LD, Vapormax and Kyre. About 23% of the planet is covered with water.

Gravitational force of our planet

The gravitaional force on our planet is very little (1.622 m/s²). You could jump about 10 feet on average, and you would only weigh 25 pounds. So no need to diet on our planet.

Length of a day

The length of a day on our planet is only Eleven hours and 11 minutes. Plus, on our planet you would have 7 hours of sunlight and about 4 hours of night time. This is due to the slow rotation of our planet on its axis.

Seasons on our planet

Yes our planet has seasons. Our planet has all the seasons that earth does, (Summer, Winter, Spring, and Fall) the axis is tilted at 23.5 the same as earth.

Length of a year

The length of our year is about 111 days. Our revolution of our planet is going extremely fast. This means that about every 28 days we are having a diferent seasons, so you never have to worry about not liking a season on planet Metcon because a new season is coming very soon.

Climate of Planet Metcon

Our planet is relatively close to its sun;therefor, even in winter it is about 70 degrees and in summer it gets to 120 degrees. Also, almost every day he climate is changing because of the short year that it consists of.


Join us on our mission to Planet Metcon on April 23, 2179. Make sure you bring your jet pack and spacesuit.

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Kennedy And Collin

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