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Congratulations on the newest addition to your family! I am so pleased you have chosen White Wave Photography and look forward to working with you to exceed your expectations. Whether this is your first of forth child, I am sure that you are excited to welcome your new little peanut into the world.

Here is a little bit about me. My name is Jennie Bishop and I am a natural light photographer offering classic candid photography to capture sentimental moments for your family to enjoy for a lifetime. As a mother of 3, I remember each births like it was yesterday. Each of their births were very different and very unpredictable. Through all of them, my biggest regret was not hiring a birth photographer. I do have a few photos from each birth but none that capture the real and raw moments of my husband and I meeting our children for the first time. Although there are very few photos of each of their birth stories – they still love to sit and look through them each year on their birthdays and I would love for you to be able to share you birth story with your children.

Meeting my own babies for the first time! Conor (8), Reilly (5) and Charlianne (2)

What is Birth Photography?

Birth Photography is capturing your baby coming into the world while blending into the background. As your birth photographer, I will be like a fly on the wall capturing your labor and birth as it unfolds without being intrusive. Your birth photography can be whatever you want it to be. Birth photography is about capturing memories and that does not mean that you have to capture the “crowning” of the baby, unless you want to. It is important for me to show the connection between mom and her support staff as well as the emotion of meeting this new person for the first time. I am sensitive to your needs as a woman in labor and understand that my role is to document quietly and discreetly. As a mother who has been through the birth process myself, I understand the special moments you may want and how to ensure that they are captured forever.

Why Birth Photography?

Hiring a birth photographer will free up your support people and ensures you to get those important moments captured. Birth and labor are very unpredictable and therefore these are not typical portrait sessions. During labor there is a lot going on and she misses a lot of the moments that are happening around her. The looks of love and concern from dad, hands on her belly and making her laugh when the contractions get tough and most important – the expression on her face and dad’s face when they see their child for the first time. These moments are the most cherished and should be captured for a lifetime.

What to Expect

Prior to booking your birth story, we will meet for an in-person consultation so that we can get to know each other. This is a great time to get all of your questions answered and voice any concerns that you may have about hiring a birth photographer. If your partner has any hesitation about birth photography, I encourage you to bring them along. We will go over you birth plan and my birth client questionnaire. If you choose to hire me as your birth photographer, we will also go over my birth contract.

Once your birth story is booked

I will be on call for your birth starting at 39 weeks up until week 41. As we know, babies have their own set of rules and can come at any time so during these 3 weeks I will have my cell phone turned up, my gear packed and will be ready to go at any time.

At the hospital/birthing center

When you arrive at the hospital, please let me know. I will plan to come to the hospital once you reach 4-6cm and I will stay up to 60 minutes postpartum to capture those first moments with your baby.

During your session, I will be present but silent. I strive to listen and watch while capturing the moments as they unfold without being intrusive. Of course, I am sure that we will build a bond over the next few months and I will be there as a positive support person without getting in the way of doctors/midwives/nurses.

After your birth

I will go through all of your images within 48 hours and will post a sneak peek video slideshow on my Facebook page to announce your baby’s birth.

After the Session

You are sure to be madly in love with your new bundle of joy and but now things are about to get even better! One month after your session we’ll have your reveal night (we’ll schedule this at the same time we schedule your session to make sure you see your images as soon as possible!). On your reveal night you’ll see all of your images for the first time. It’s definitely something to get excited about!

That night I’ll come to your home (that’s right no babysitter and you can even stay in your jammies if you want!) and show you a custom slideshow with your images. I will have your album mocked up digitally for you to review and make changes to. I will also bring along prints, wall art and products that you touch and feel.

After you’ve experienced the slideshow you’ll have some time to go through all of your images and take a look at all of the product samples that you may want to purchase for your home or for friends and family. Seeing everything in person will really give you a sense of what products are most important to you. My favorites are framed collages and albums (because I can never decide on which images to choose)!

You’ll have plenty of time to ask any questions, to hold up images to different walls in your own home to see what sizes will work best and enough time to pick out your favorites. All products are available a la carte at a 20% discount on reveal night!

The goal of the reveal night is to finalize your order so we can get your prints and products to you as soon as possible. To help make this stress free it’s a great idea to take a look through all of the different products and collections so you can go into it with an idea of what might work best for you. Once you’ve seen your images that may change but it’s always good to have an idea when we get started!


*Fresh 48 Sessions are available for those who do not wish to have the full Birth Story Experience.

If you're ready to book your Birth Story with White Wave Photography, or if you'd like more information, I would love to hear from you!

You can email me at

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