Tanner Michael Junior

I bowl on the High School team as well as multiple leagues throughout the year. I bowl often and average 215 for the High School.

I love to work on computers and find what they are capable of. I built my own machine at home that I use for schoolwork as well as video games and light programming.

I play a lot of video games in my free time whether it'd be on my computer or Xbox. I play with my friends and we always have a fun time.

I want to go to Hawaii to see the pristine beaches and awesome sights along with visiting the Pearl Harbor Memorial. It would be awesome to see the Battleships still floating there and appreciate the men who sacrificed themselves for the greater good.

Led Zeppelin is my favorite band because of their Rock and Roll Rhythms and elaborate tones that set themselves apart from all other groups of the time. I always feel the need to stop and just listen to appreciate the role they played in defining Rock and Roll.


I am on the Golf team and enjoy golfing in the summer and spring with friends and family.

I play a lot video games with my friends.

I work on old computers to understand how they work and how to fix them.

These are some of my favorite foods.
I wish to be Batman because he is a very rich, independent man who has access to lots of new technology and weapons.
When I grow up I want to enter the Computer Science/Technology field whether it be in programming, IT work, or networking management for large companies.


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