Emily Scarbrough Photography 1

Rule of Thirds

I took this picture of this vibrant pink flower. My eyes start at the flower then go up to the leaves. After, my eyes go around to the little, blurry flowers in the background. Then it makes its way back the the flower. You may also notice the barely noticeable flowers in the background. The main focus is, of course, the bigger flower in the lower right hand side of the photo.

Leading Lines

I took this photo of a light pole on main street. With this photo your eye starts at the bottom and then you follow it up towards the top. Once you get to the top you notice the top of the light and then you start to notice the surroundings such as the buildings and the clear sky. Then your eye comes back down the pole.


The photo I chose was the one with the white flower. I chose this because of the slight grey tone that brings out the very yellow center. The way that the background is slightly blurry makes your eyes focus on the flower more. The way that the petals overlap each other gives an imperfect effect.


In this picture you can see the texture of the rock in the background and the shadow of the leaf on the rock. The highlighted rock gives a nice backdrop for the leaf to be on. Bringing out the color of the leaf gives you something to look at in the picture.


With this photo of Tessa in front of the wall I mainly used the clone tool. I used the tool to clone out the people in the background and the bag laying on the ground. I also used the clone tool to take out the black item sitting on the ground. I precisely went through and went over them with each color that they were around. I also switched colors when the background changed and smudged in some areas to make them more realistic.

Still Life

With this photo I used the clone tool to clone out two rocks that were holding the book up. I cloned them out and after it did not look good. I then went over them with the airbrush tool and it started to look a little better. Then I used the clone tool again and used the darker part of the curtain and made it look like the wrinkles in the blanket to finish the picture. I was very careful not to get the dark part all over the book to make it obvious it was edited.

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