The Catastrophy of Mt Vesuvius By Riley cook

In 79AD Mt Vesuvius erupted killing nearly 2000 people and burying a town in ashes.

In Italy there was a dormant volcano people decided it was a good idea to build not one but two towns at the base of it. So in 79 AD the volcano erupted covering the two towns in ash. Mt Vesuvius was a (and still is a) deadly volcano that killed thousands of people in its famous eruption of 79 AD, let's unlock mysteries that have been concealed in stone since before we knew this world, let's go through the ashes and into the earth to find out what happened… or will happen again.

Volcanos this volcano particular was made by the eurasian and african plate, It was in Italy when it erupted and could have not erupted anywhere else. On planet earth we have many volcanos and will an have had many eruptions. The eruptions will bring us earthquakes and the earthquakes will knock down mountains and change the earth's crust. After most earthquakes there are volcanic eruptions, those eruptions bring a fine soil to us and build this earth but also knock it down. So Vesuvius killed alot of people and buried two towns alive.

Vesuvius knocked down everything from trees to towns, and left almost no lifeforms to tell its tale. The ashes that came out of it were so fine 300 years later people live there for farming(as described in greater detail later). Volcanic scientists are ready to evacuate given a moment's notice

The communities of herculaneum and pompeii were all but eliminated and so were its people. In the 20 century volcanic research has been ever so helpful if vesuvius was to erupt again we would be ready. Scientists have been making sure that we will and can evacuate people if we ever need to. The soil is very good for farming so they created a population and scientists are on red alert for evacuation.

Overall, Mt vesuvius is a horrible disaster that killed thousands people live and have lived under the mountain's shadow for tens of thousands of years. There is no stopping them but we can keep them safe, scientists monitor the volcano daily and are prepared for the worst.


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