Lewis And Clark The EXPEDITION, by:jt croson

the expedition accomplishments:

one accomplishment was they discovered many plants and animal species that had never been discovered before on the way.

another accomplishment was they completed correct and detailed maps that never existed before.

when they reached the western part of america they established settlements. this was also an accomplishment

while traveling to the coast the travelers made peace with the natives. this was an accomplishment because they dont have a hatred.

plants and animals discovered on the way:

one animal discovered was the american raven- the american raven is a full black bird found across the northern hemisphere lives around 10-15 years and has a 3.3 - 4.9ft wingspan.

one plant that was discovered was the great blanket flower - this plant lives in Plains, prairies, meadows

another plant that was discovered was a golden yarrow- the golden yarrow is a North American species of plants.

another animal is the ball snake - it is also known as the royal python and is a non venomous.

hardships faced

one threat was that they faced grizzly bears on the way.

another threat was the extreme conditions that were faced on the was there.

starvation and dehydration was faced witch was also a huge setback

they faced winters just like this

key players

lewis and clark


sacagawea's son

sgt william clark

pvt john field

tools used

55ft keel boats


fishing boats

35 oars

2 horses

the route taken

they went from that east to the west. they faced many mountains, rolling hills and different obstacles. the whole trip took over 2 years and was a big accomplishment.


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