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President , D'Aria Hookfin is a Brand strategist and Publicist with over 12 years of experience building brand awareness for startup businesses/ non-profits, managing performing artist brands and advertising for corporate clients. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations & Diplomacy, Physical Science and Korean from The Ohio State University and a Masters in Linguistics from Texas A&M Commerce. Her work is seen in an array press campaigns, broadcasted events and digital platforms ranging from the historical implementation of Juneteenth becoming a nationally observed holiday to her tech company VIPsocio where she does high profile event ticketing and provide online marketplaces for entrepreneurs. Before shifting to Public Relations, her foundation was set in military service as Military Police for Military Intelligence battalions and entrepreneurship as she owned and operated an event center which taught her the 24/7 pace of entertainment. As a Combat Veteran , who has fought in the Iraqi War for 2 tours. D’Aria is courageous and determined to deliver results.

Professional Writing Services

  • Press releases
  • EPKs
  • Bios
  • Sponsorship/Investment decks
  • Letters
  • Video treatments
  • scripts
  • Proposals
  • Agreements
  • Emails
  • Grants

Past, On-going Events and Publications

  • 2020, Black Texas Magazine, Dallas, TX
  • 2020, Erma Hadley Banquet, Ft.Worth, TX
  • 2020, Walk for Ahmaud Arbery, Brunswick, GA
  • 2020, Power of Influence Awards,( Revolt TV & PBS special) Washington, DC
  • 2020, Hip Hop Public Health Virtual Gala ( Dougie Fresh's nonprofit), NYC,NY
  • 2020, Juneteenth 1.5 Million Petition Delivery to Capitol Hill, DC
  • 2020, Opal's Walk LIVE, Ft.Worth, Texas
  • 2020, The Power Hour with Niko Brim, NYC, NY
  • 2020, Jet Relays, Ft.Worth, TX
  • 2019 , Dallas Voyager, Dallas,TX
  • 2019, Racism through the eyes of a child, Dr. Matthew Knowles Symposium ( Sparks Entertainment) Ft.Worth, TX
  • 2019, Underground Unity Tour ( 26 city Tour)
  • 2019, Riverfront Jazz Festival, Dallas, TX
  • 2019, Aakosya Music Tour ( 4 city tour)
  • 2019, Afrimma Music Awards, Dallas TX
  • 2019, Hear Ye Podcast, Dallas, TX
  • 2019, NOLA Bounce and Paint ( Painting with Kinfolks) Arlington, TX
  • 2018- pres, Juneteenth FTW Festival ( Unity Unlimited,Ft.Worth, TX
  • 2018- pres, The King of the Slab Car Show and Concert ( Various cities)
  • 2018, Next Level Radio, Arlington, TX
Notable Clients and Events produced

Public Relations

  • Social Media set-up and management
  • EPK
  • Management ( Artists and Public Figures)
  • Press Releases
  • Interviews
  • Branding & Marketing
  • Event Planning
  • Project Management
  • Booking

Meet the team

Inga Byrd, VP
Doc Dillard, Senior Consultant
Sweets, Marketing Director ( Sweet Marc Marketing)
" Every since I starting working with D'Aria , my stock has gone up. We are making money and I have finally found me niche" ~Sevon, Public Figure, host of Bae or Boot reality dating show and Owner of Face Off Boutique
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