The girl with the freckles Marley Turnbull

In my friendship with Margaret I never thought it could take a turn for the worst. During the end of summer and the beginning of 8th grade something had changed with our friendship.

It all started with one text message on a sunny day from Ellie that said “I heard from someone that you were talking behind her back and wanted to know if it was true”. When I got the text message I was with my friend Aaliyah we just finished walking around my neighborhood. I told Aaliyah that I got a text message by that time we were in my room, Aaliyah told me that my close friend Margaret was saying rude things to people and saying that I said those things. Aaliyah told me that she heard Margaret saying something to Ellie about how I called her fat. After I heard that from Ellie I thought about it for a day or two. I thought it was all over since nothing else has happened.

But it wasn't over, I felt like I was being stabbed in the back by my friends, we were at a high school soccer game at tucker it was a beautiful night outside. When I got there the sun just setting the sky had red lines throughout and the clouds were pinkish red. My friends and I were on the bleachers at the top. I went to get a drink and my friend Jade came with me. I saw Margaret move and she was in the middle of all of our friends, they were laughing and looking like they were have a fun time. When I was walking up the steps to the group I kept hearing my name being said. I went over and acted like I didn’t hear anything. I asked what they were talking about and my friend Aaliyah said they were talking about soccer, but the expression on her face just was not right like they were not talking about soccer, but something worse, something not good. The game ended Magaret asked everyone exacpt me and Jade to go. When I got home around 10 I texted Aaliyah asking what were you guys actually talking about at the soccer game when Jade and I left to get a drink. She said no and told me that she would have told me if we were not around so many people because she thought it might upset me. She said that she was with everyone right now and that she would text me when she got home. I got a text around 11 saying that she can talk now. Aaliyah said Margaret was talking about me and everyone was just going along with it, Margaret was the only one that was saying bad things about me. At that time, I thanked Aaliyah for not telling me when we were around everyone.

About a week after that my parents had to go away, so I had to sleepover Margaret's house. I knew it was going to be awkward, but luckily she asked other people to sleep over too. That night was actually better than I thought we had cookies and watched a movie. The next day I left early because I had to go to my Grandmother's house, but Ellie and the other girl were still there so they were talking to and Margaret. Margaret said "Marley called me and Marissa rude names to our face", but word got around about that. Ellie told me that Margaret said I called her rude names and that she told people. Ellie said to Margaret, " I was there all night and she barley even said anything. The next day I texted Margaret asking why she is talking behind my back. she said she wasn’t and that it was all a big mistake. About a day after I texted her and asked if we could go somewhere to talk. Margaret then turned everything on me and said that she did not want to and that I was not being a good friend and by telling lies about her. A few days after that she asked we could be friends again I told her that I don’t think things will ever be the same and I can not be friends with someone that spreads lies about me, also I can not be friends with someone that lies when we are trying to figure things out, and turns everything around on me.

Till this day we are not friends and I feel like I can not be myself around her and that if i am myself she talks about me. I always thought that Margaret was a nice friend and that we would be friends till the end, but now that I know what she did things will never be the same, and that is when I thought not everyone is who you think they are.

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