Coaching by Alex because LIFE'S too short

Why Coaching with Alex?

Because maybe you need someone to hold you accountable when it comes to your goals; maybe you need someone to help you find balance, not just with your health, but in life; or maybe you need someone to help you maintain consistency and make sustainability changes in a world where daily challenges arise.


> Health Coaching

> Event Training

> Road Race Training

> Triathlon Training

Coach Alex’s ABC'S

Accountability, Balance, Consistency, and Sustainability!


Alex is the reason I had courage to run my first half marathon. She was able to motivate, advise and condition me, both physically and mentally, to be able to run my first 13.1 mile race with confidence and strength. Upon training, I developed anxiety whenever I went for a run. I never had an issue running before I started training, but Alex was able to help get me out of my head and to focus on other things and about halfway through training I didn’t have anxiety anymore! During my training with Alex, I was in the best shape of my life. She helped create a realistic training program for me and she joined me on my runs to help establish pace. She also guided me on my nutrition and what to eat and drink in order to maintain my stamina and strength, which I still follow to this day. If you’re looking for someone to give you the motivation, guidance and/or knowledge you need to see and feel a change in (or to just simply establish!) your exercise routine, I highly recommend Alex! -Amy L.
Watch out, once you tell Alex your fitness goals she will not rest until she has seen you accomplish them! Alex is not your typical trainer, and thank God for that. Rather than telling you what to do, Alex walks (runs, swims, bikes) alongside you, showing you what to do. She is a great example, and will not make you do anything she hasn’t already done herself. Don’t be mistaken though, this girl is one tough cookie and will make you work hard to achieve your goals. – Mia M.


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