Climate change English cat//kelsea frIel

Climate change is an important topic, that scientists have been researching about which is a well known issue.
There is plenty of information about climate change, peoples point of views are all different but mine is that both man-made and natural occurs to climate change. Interested people talk about the earth along with that global warming will be coming one day, the earth is changing its climate in a way that it is getting hotter.
The sun is getting stronger (so is the UV) because the sun is getting closer to the earth, we are contributing to it (ozone layer is helping protect us and the earths living things).
Deforestation is also a big issue on what us humans are doing along with fossil fuels. Everyday us humans contribute to global warming, one of the main issues are fossil fuel. Humans are burning fossil fuels daily for us to live comfortably as we use it for our transport, our homes & some medicines.
How much electricity we use a day using the different varieties of resources
Evidence has shown when the fossil fuels gets used it realises CO2 into the atmosphere, which affects your health & global warming occur quicker since oil, coal & natural gas are high in CO2 levels. This shows that we are increasing CO2 levels that are going into the Atmosphere.
Another major issue would be that the ozone layer is getting thinner. Without the ozone layer we wouldn't be alive because the sun is to strong without it. In the future or even now it's starting to get thinner because us humans are contributing to it.
Ozone layer is a shield that takes up most of the suns UV, If it didn't absorb most of the suns UV then we would be burnt! So when the ozone layer starts to get stronger & goes through the ozone layer easier, the earth would be getting less protection & hits the earth with strong heat along with the UV.
The lower the ozone layer is the higher the solar UVR gets. Where Australia is placed on the earth we get pretty strong UVR levels. Humans are contributing to it because of the pollutions, factory's, fossil fuels & more. Without humans it would still happen in life time because that's just how it works.
Now you should know a bit more about the ozone layer & how we are contributing to it.
If we lose our trees there will be no humans. We are losing our trees because of deforestation, it is a major issue to our world.
This is horrible of what is happening to the rainforest, it should stop continuing before all of our trees dessapear!!! :(
Trees store heaps of CO2 levels & breathable oxygen that is available for us, trees breath in dirty carbon dioxide and breath out clean air.
When the trees are cut down, they are now dead so they cannot store any CO2. Scientists say it is one of the most popular places where CO2 is stored & that there is around 1.5 billion tones of carbon being realised into the atmosphere.
The trees store CO2 in their trunks, leaves, branches, stem & roots. We are expecting climate change to come around the next couple of decades if deforestation keeps continuing, even though it is starting to happen now!
It is our fault if all of our trees disappear!
Overall these are a few reasons why we are contributing to global warming, but there are many more reasons why global warming is going to occur one day.

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