Saint. Vaulentine Of Rome

Teagan Duenkel And Alexa Leclerc

St Valentine was supposedly born in 176 AD in Terni, Italy. He was a priest in Rome and a physician.

St. Valentine was imprisoned for giving aid to martyrs while they were in jail. After he was imprisoned he began preaching about Jesus and religion to the judge; however, the judge did not believe St. Valentine. To prove his faith he restored the vision on the judge's blind daughter.

St. Valentine was imprisoned a second time for trying to convert people to Christianity, aiding persecuted Christians, and marrying Christians in the faith.

St. Valentine was sent to Rome for his crimes. There he tried to convert the Roman Emperor, Claudius II. Emperor Claudius was enraged and sentenced St. valentine to death.

St. Valentine was reported to have been beaten and beheaded in around 269 BC in Rome, Italy.


Although the exact origin of St. Valentine's Day is unknown, the Romantic view of Valentine's Day may have emerged during the Middle Ages. The holiday may also take its roots from the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia, or the fertility celebration.

In 18th century England gift giving and card exchanges became popular on Febuary 14, Valentine's Day. The tradition of Valentine's cards became popular in America in the 1850s, because Esther A Howland began mass-producing them.

We give chocolate on Valentine's Day because in 1861 Richard Cadbury created a heart shaped box to hold chocolate. This led to the romanticism of chocolate on Valentine's Day.

Chocolate Strawberries
"Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies" -Aristotle

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