Immigration by daniel medrano

Define your topic/ issue! How are people being affected by this issue? How are you being affected by this issue? How is your family/ friends/ community being affected by this issue? Immigration is people how take immigrants back to their country.They have problems getting jobs even thoe they came to work to get money and send them to their familys.People are scare now cause they caint go out be free like white people that have alot hate to us the mexicans even thoe we the mexicans build almost all the buildings u see even schools and immigration wants to send them back but with out mexicans, white people would be working in the hot,rain instead of us and they wouldnt like to work hard as all our people do.It affects familys because they get worry to much get scare.

How were these issues affecting people 50 years ago? What lack of freedom did these people experience because of this issue? How are these issues still the same today?In those times it affect because mexican people worked in the field hard and wouldnt pay them and if they clamied their money some would get beat up thats how it affect them.

Predict what it will be like for this group of people 50 years from now. What new rights freedoms will this group of people be able to experience?That in some point they would get the same rights as white like african american people would do the same thing .To get some better laws and then they would stop working in fields.

Who are some vital people to your movement? What did they do to help that was so important? List at least 2 influential quotes from this person.Cesar Chavez is someone important to the history of immigration and he worked hard in fields to give money to their parents and some quotes he said were ''The fight is never about grapes or lettuce. It is always about people.

What is something that YOU can do, even now as a young student, to help your movement?Not buy trump's products and fight for our right's.


Created with images by PhilipsPhotos - "Immigration Protest Dallas - March 28, 2006"

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