Does chocolate really make your life brighter?

Research has time and time again told us that chocolate increases our serotonin levels and keeps us happy.

The Aztec emperor, Montezuma II, had to consume his hot chocolate every day which he believed was the secret of his virility. The Aztecs roasted and grounded the fermented beans to create a cold foaming brew which they sometimes sweetened with honey or flavored with chilli peppers. The Spaniards, of course had to bring it to Europe. It was transformed into a sweeter drink with the addition of sugar and spices like cinnamon and vanilla, which was another import from the Americas.

Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, comes with its own list of health benefits. It is nutritious and a good source of antioxidants. It can lower blood pressure and increases HDL cholesterol (the good cholesterol) in your body and it also increases blood flow to the brain.

In that sense, the top chocolate producers in the world should be the happiest countries as well...or is it?

The top producers of cocoa according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization are:

Top Cocoa Producing Countries In The World

1. Cote d'Ivoire

2. Ghana

3. Indonesia

4. Nigeria

5. Cameroon

6. Brazil

7. Ecuador

8. Mexico

9. Peru

10. Dominican Republic

11 Colombia 46,739

12 Papua New Guinea 41,200

13 Venezuela 31,236

14 Uganda 20,000

15 Togo 15,000

16 Sierra Leone 14,850

17 Guatemala 13,127

18 India 13,000

19 Haiti 10,000

20 Madagascar 9,000

4 – Nigeria

3 – Indonesia


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