Well first what i did was started with four blocks which is :a white stone,a black stone,and glass along with a brownish stone next I made my foundation which was an idea of how i wanted my house to like an the hight an such on .... .next i started with the white stone all round the i used the black stone to a hight of four. Then after i started the roof with the brownish stone then when i was finish i use the glass to fill the gap of the round the ground then i used like a modern fence to make the house look more fancy an then i was finished i have yet to decorate it because when the other day i went it was destroyed

my other project was a key chain i made an i must say it was quite intersting first i started with a square an then i had to make it as flat has i wanted then i transformed it into a rectangle then i stated to add letters and adjust it to my liking then it was time to print it now i was quite happy to print it but when it started it look slanted in a way so i showed my teacher and she said maybe there was something under it and we both went back to thinkercad and we found that there was something under it so i was ready to print it again but the bell had rong so she said she will do it tomorrow now i was anxious because it was my first time experiencing something like this so the other day it was time an this time it was a success

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