Architecture through the ages By:Fintan CAwley

Roman colosseum

Ancient Mediterranean 3000 B.C.-300(?) B.C. This period covers the Roman empire, the Egyptians, the Greeks, and the Mesopotamia's empire. This is also where they created the supporting columns.

Taj Mahal

Islamic Architecture 600 A.C.-1700s. This architectural time period focused on religion that influenced many of the designs we like the Taj Mahal above.

Big Ben

Medival architecture 500 A.D.- 1600s. This is the best period ever, because look how cool Big Ben is although this was built in the 1800s it was based off of medieval architecture.

Empire State Building

Early Modern Architecture 1900s-1940s. This time period where there was a lot of pizazz. As seen in the picture above. Now this brings us to the next era.

Present architecture 1950s-present day. This period focuses on simplicity and also a futurist feel because after all man has landed on the moon. It works with the idea of religionism (spacelessness) modern post (diverse) architecture, (controlled chaos) deconstructive, and green (environment friendly) architecture.


Created with images by José Miguel S - "Ventanas de mi ciudad." • kirkandmimi - "rome monument colosseum" • Paul and Jill - "Taj Mahal" • SPakhrin - "Big Ben" • John Cunniff - "Empire State Building: Day into Night" • PIRO4D - "lichtraum visualization architecture"

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