Good Life Performance Christina mouttet


The Spatial Experience


The ambiance of the theatre was a huge part of my experience at the play. The stage and amount of seats transported me to a different world and made me feel as though I was no longer at the University of Florida. My friends and I got there a bit early so we were able to get good seats right at the center. It was a good location so that we could hear the actors clearly and see the stage from a good angle. The size of the auditorium helped the sound to vibrate around the room and it made us feel as though we were directly a part of the action of the on stage. The role of place is very important in the Good Life. Whether we realize it or not, the environment we are in really has an effect on our mood and wellbeing. The 'place' of the University of Florida has sunny skies (for the most part), great weather, and beautiful trees and flowers around campus. All the components of this place have helped to contribute to creating a Good Life.

The Social Experience

I attended the play with two of my best friends. One of the friends I have known since middle school, and the other friend I met on the first day of fall semester. We met up outside my dorm and walked over to the Reitz Union together. We all love going to the theater, so we were all pumped to see what the play was about. To get ready for the performance, we researched about the plot of the play and talked to other students who had previously attended the play so we could know a little more about what to expect. Attending the play with friends made the experience more enjoyable because we share the same sense of humor, so when I thought something was funny, so did they and we would laugh together. Also, my friends and I are very friendly and approachable so we met and talked with new students that we had not met before. Shared experiences are a huge part of the Good Life. Having friends to go through life together makes the fun times even more enjoyable, and the hard times a little less difficult. The quote "What is life without someone to share it with?" is a perfect example of how for a Good Life you need good people to share it with.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience


The play was very interesting to watch. The central issue expressed in this play concerned the clash between religion and theatre. Before the play again, I read through the play bill about the presence of the Catholic Church in Quebec City at the time of the play in 1905. The play also focuses on the issues of poverty and child labor when parents cannot earn enough to support their families. The play highlighted to me how religion can be a huge part of the arts. The play highlighted to me how dangerous child labor was and how big of a problem it was through how the two little girls were killed in the factory. This had an impact on me and my life because it made me realize how fortunate I am to live in a family where I do not have to work for my family to survive.

The Emotional Experience


Many parts of the play provide opportunities for catharsis. The character Michaud comes clean very often throughout the play and is always able to speak what is on his mind- resembling a catharsis. This models a certain behavior of coming clean and being honest for the audience to follow. In addition, the play gives the audience a chance to "come clean" by showing us scenes of heartbreak, tragedy, and conflict that make us think about life in a new light. We also see the way that many the characters are able to accept and embrace their flaws, making us want to do the same.

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