Welcome to D.C. Wishing you the best of luck

As you know, being President of the United States is going to be no easy feat. Despite the opposition you receive during your term, we as citizens and supporters of yours wish to see you follow through on the following issues and truly #MAGA:

Job Creation:

You have the relevant experience necessary to create so many jobs within our country. Your experience building a business empire and creating thousands of jobs gives hope to those who haven't been able to support their families due to unemployment. You know not to raise the minimum wage to keep the US competitive. Stop sending our business over seas, lets focus on helping our own people first!


Take the time to really think first as you repeal Obamacare. It is a very flawed system, but we want to have something stable to fall back on. Bring back insurance competition and lower the cost of deductibles. Don't forget to improve the benefits of our VA. Veterans health and poor healthcare is a serious issue that needs resolving. These men and women served our country, let's pay them back!

Foreign Policy:

We can't trust all deals with the Middle East. Stop this Iran Nuclear Deal before it's too late! How can they be trusted? Fix our strained relationship with Israel! We also can't be the world's policeman anymore, it's costing us way too much. The US shouldn't be everyone else's dumping ground for their problems.

The Second Amendment:

Stand up for and protect our 2nd amendment right. Guns don't kill people, people kill people. Let's work on mental health instead. Be more vigilant of those on the watch-list to stop them from acquiring arms.

End Mass Shootings, Better Mental Health


We want all of our citizens to be legal, or acquire citizenship as soon as possible. Though we cannot deport all illegal aliens, let's start by making border control stricter. Syrian refugees can be a Trojan horse, don't be fooled. Illegal aliens bring more drugs into the country, limit immigration and we can stop that, too.

Most importantly, we welcome you to the White House and hope that you will bring peace and prosperity to our great country that we call home!


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