Standardized Testing STANDARDIZED Tests are being Overused

Standardized tests are limited in what they can show and only test certain abilities. Students have many different abilities, many of which can not be seen through standardized tests. Students are being placed inside a box, and losing skills such as creativity.
Different students learn in different ways. Student's intelligence and knowledge cannot and should not be determined by standardized tests alone.
In this picture one student looks like she is struggling, while the rest of the students look like they are doing fine. Different students learn and think in different ways.
Not every student learns and thinks the same way. Some students are visual learners, some are auditory learners, and some are kinesthetic learners. Test do no work for everyone.
Standardized tests only test certain subjects and skills, such as math and English. Different students have different ways of learning though. Not every student is the same and not every teaching method or style works for every student. Some can learn by just listening and studying, while others need things such as visuals to learn and understand.
We should be using other ways, not just standardized tests, to evaluate students knowledge and abilities, such as oral presentation, and allowing for more creativity.
Oral presentations are one alternative to using so much standardized testing
Projects are another alternative to standardized testing.
Great ideas come in many different ways, just like learning happens in different ways.


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