Point of View:The Verdict of Robinson v. Ewell By: Cade DuBree

Judge Taylor:The Verdict

This case makes me sick. Bob Ewell makes me sick. Mayella Ewell is clearly lying, and her no good father is not fairing much better on the stand. Poor Tom lives clean, and would never harm a soul, and then a disgusting man such as Bob Ewell has to come and do the work of god, as he claims. The man is a foul human being, and he should be lynched just for contempt, if only we had the evidence. At least the jury thought about it for awhile. This is what i was kind of hoping for with Atticus as the defense. Maybe Maycomb county is taking a turn for the better. Atticus is planning to get an appeal, and maybe, just maybe Tom can walk out a free man, and the evils of the Ewell clan won't infect our land any longer. Maybe along the way this town can learn sympathy for a black man, if that isn't too much to ask.

Atticus Finch:The Verdict

Atticus: I do not know what else to say. I was expecting this, but I thought we may have had a chance. We were licked a hundred years ago but we gave it our best shot. I will not stop my efforts though, I will try to get an appeal, and I believe that we will most likely receive it. If only this town knew how to love, and did away with all the hate. They can't even begin to realize what Tom is going through meanwhile their prejudice opinions will damn him forever. For now we need Tom to stay strong, and not let the hate manipulate his mindset. The fact is not all humans are created equally in this town, but I will do my best to ensure that Tom Robinson gets a second chance in the court of Maycomb. I can not even imagine what Helen must be feeling right now.

Tom Robinson:The Verdict

Tom Robinson: I'm not surprised. I suppose this is what I deserve for even thinking that a white woman would have any sympathy for me. The second that I walked into that fence on the Ewell's property I was a dead man. Mayella played a dirty trick on me, and now I will serve for my crime, my crime for believing. Thinking that the world has changed it's ways. I must die for a crime I didn't commit, or maybe I did. My only chance of living is that Mr. Atticus Finch is able to get a repeal, even then I feel that I will just be convicted again just because this town is a bunch of racists. If only I minded by own business, I wouldn't have tied my own noose. God bless Mr. Atticus Finch, and may god have mercy on my soul. The town of Maycomb has damned me to hell.

Bob Ewell: The Verdict

Thank god we got that n***** off of our streets. That dirty rat is only the beginning. If that n***** loving Atticus Finch wasn't in the way we could have had Tom hanged the first day. Why do I have to live so close to these animals? They bring nothing good to our society, why don't we just lynch em all. The jury almost believed Tom's story. Mayella touching a black man? No way sir, if I ever hear of such thing again I will beat some sense into that girl. She knows not to talk blacks like that. If I so much as see another black man on my property, I'll hang him from a tree yonder, and there ain't a damn thing that Atticus Finch can do about it! I feel like the county sheriff n judge are getting soft. They're white they should be on our side, but it seems Atticus is corruptin their mindset, makin them believe that a n***** can be good.

This assignment have me a chance to look at all different sides of a court case, and exactly what is going on inside a man's head. Whether its the frustrated judge, the fatalistic defendant, the desperate lawyer, or the dishonorable "victim." In Maycomb, previous prejudices had to be accounted for when determining the outcome of a case. Sadly this was the environment of the Jim Crow south, especially during the great depression. We have moved past those times, and we have learned from our mistakes. This lesson has many takeaways, and I believe it is great, as it isn't very long so it isn't boring. If only Bob Ewell could step out of his shoes and get into Tom's just so he could see what he was doing to an innocent man. Hate only breeds more hate, the only way to purge out the evil is too spread the love. Atticus was doing his part, this assignment has showed me that I need to do my part, and everyone needs to do their own part to make the world a better place.

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