Appearance Can Explain Everything Peyton ParsoNs

As I am sitting there, scanning around the classroom for somebody to observe thoroughly, my eyes land upon the perfect subject. I notice her appearance first, slightly judging for her 'I couldn't care less' look she had going on. Her hair was the color of a black coffee with the smallest hint of creamer, and she most definitely had an abundance of these frizzy, coffee colored curls on her head that led down to the small of her back. She had this mop pulled poorly back into a ponytail using a black scrunchie with tons of fly aways surrounding her head, as if she woke up late and just threw it up to get it out of the way, without any regards of others judgmental commentary and thoughts surrounding her. Her oversized black, gold lettered Purdue sweatshirt to along with the possibility of her waking up late and not really caring what others think about her. Her black rimmed glasses almost hide the dark circles under her chocolate colored eyes, as if she was up all night.

But at a second glance and putting aside this judgment, I notice she is wearing a whole outfit consisting of black attire, not a hint of color except her small gold triangle stud earrings. I remember from a psychology course I attended, that when people are anxious or don't feel as if they fit in, they will wear clothing that makes them feel as if they are invisible from the world, immune to everyone's judgement, just to make their appearance simple. She glances around the room a lot, searching for the slightest hint of somebody else passing judgment on her. She stays to herself, barely even talking to the teacher, she really tries to avoid any or all attention being on her. She keeps her ear buds in all class and mainly focuses on her school work. When she does interact with somebody it's only teacher, and she doesn't even stand up to approach him. She just simply raises her hand, calling him towards her, so she doesn't draw any attention on or to herself.

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