Formal Case Report By: DERRIK FOSTER


The person named Anna Garcia was found dead one morning at 9:56 A.M inside her house. This started the Crime Scene in where we found multiple items/clues of what could have happened to her. She was a 38 year old woman that weighed 165 pounds and had a height of 64 inches, by the look of the victim she looked to be Hispanic. We found blood stains, footprints, hair samples, and even fingerprints in the crime scene where we found out that most of these belonged to Anna.


At the crime scene we found a lot of Evidence...Some of that evidence includes Finger prints, Hair samples, and blood.

  • Fingerprint
  • Found on a Wine glass
  • Belongs to Alex Garcia
  • Hair
  • Blonde/Dyed
  • Belongs to Alex Garcia
  • Unknown Substance
  • Was found on a desk
  • It was Aspirin
  • Blood Spatter
  • 90 degree straight down
  • 74 cm Table height
  • DNA Analysis
  • Gel Electrophoresis
  • Blood sample from Crime Scene
  • It belongs to Anna Garcia
  • Time of Death
  • Anna was found dead at 11A.M
  • Results: was dead for 4 hours
  • Autopsy Report
  • bruise/woundOn head
  • table
  • No fracture
  • No signs of struggle
  • No alcohol


In my opinion I think Anna Garcia died because of Natural Causes...Evidence shows that Anna Garcia took Aspirin which means that she could have had some kind of pain, like a headache or something...And since she runs every morning with her dog she might've pushed herself a little harder this time and since the weather that day was 90 degrees Fahrenheit which might have made the situation worse...As soon as she finished her daily run she went home were her home was 70 degrees Fahrenheit, so this affected her health and made her have a "Heat Stroke"...This made her fall and hit her head on the table.

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