Brandywine School District Board Report November 15, 2021

Brandywine School District's November 2021 School Board meeting was eventful and informative and included several celebrations and special presentations. Among the many highlights: reports from student leaders at each of our high schools; a special presentation from Governor John Carney; celebrations for more building Education Support Professionals of the Year and Teachers of the Year; and special videos celebrating Veterans Day and all the great things happening in our schools this past month.

The School Board was thrilled to once again welcome leaders from all three high schools to present their student reports. The students detailed the various initiatives at all of the high schools including a focus on service and volunteerism, plans for an upcoming blood drive, and the celebrations already underway for graduating seniors. A special thank you to Ethan Hann-Deschaine from Brandywine High School; Maya Reeves and Elicia Garcia from Concord High School; and Katherine Farabaugh and Lily Holmes from Mount Pleasant High School for sharing their updates.

The tradition also continues of celebrating the 2022 Building Educator Support Professional and Teacher of the Year winners for each of our district buildings. On Monday, Bayard Gibbons (pictured left with Principal Keith Rolph) was celebrated as the Brandywine High School Educator Support Professional of the Year. Lori McRae (pictured center with Principal Mark Mayer) was celebrated as the Teacher of the Year for Concord High School. Finally, Lisa Welch (not pictured) was celebrated as the Educator Support Professional of the Year for Bush/ECAP while Laura Roper (pictured right) was celebrated as Teacher of the Year for Bush/ECAP. Congratulations to all of the support professionals and teachers honored on Monday!

Governor John Carney was also in attendance to present at Monday's School Board Meeting. Gov. Carney and Chief Equity Officer for the Delaware Department of Education James Simmons (also a former BSD administrator) shared a proposal for additional academic, social, and emotional support available for identified schools located within the City of Wilmington. The presentation gave a high-level overview of an organizational structure in which Brandywine, Christina, and Red Clay city schools would work together as sister-schools while fully remaining a school within their home districts. This was the first presentation of the proposed plan to the Board and now the task of evaluating feasibility by delving into all the details begins so that an informed decision can be made regarding Brandywine School District’s participation.

Superintendent Lincoln Hohler presented his monthly update during the meeting. Topics included the recent Veterans Day celebrations at various schools, COVID trends across our district and our state, the preparation for mandatory COVID testing for unvaccinated employees, and several employee recognitions. You can view the full presentation here.

Special videos were also shared at the meeting, including the Veterans Day celebration that took place at Talley Middle School (linked above). Veterans Day tributes took place across the district in honor of our service heroes, ranging from playing taps and moments of silence throughout our buildings, to more elaborate celebrations like the performances by the band, chorus, and orchestra at Talley Middle School.

In addition, a highlight video showcasing this month's marketing and communications efforts was also shared and can be viewed below. This video showcases all the wonderful things our students and staff are doing this school year that we're now sharing on our social channels and website daily.

You can watch the full November 15, 2021 School Board Meeting by clicking the button below.

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