Arab-Israeli Conflict in the 20th century By: ben Nick and brian

  • The first Arab-Israeli Conflict in the 20th century lasted from 1948-1949
  • The Two State promise was broken by the Jewish Population, because they began to build on Arab occupied territory within Israel.
  • the Arabs do not really have their own land at this point due to the broken Two State promise.
  • The Israili's were building on the Arabs already occupied land, so the Arabs wanted to take their land back.
  • Arab states had a joined war against Israel due to the UN's mandate to keep Palestine Jewish.
  • Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt joined together in attempt to gain back their land.
  • After many attacks all seemed lost for the Israeli's but they ended up fighting off the coalition.
  • Series of truces failed to stop the fighting, but after a year of lethal fighting, a cease-fire was in 1949.
  • After this they tried to create a "fire free zone" for refugees. Till this day, Arabs and Israelis are still fighting over control of Palestine and land

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