Evaluation-Institutions BY OLIVIA PITCHER

Media Institution: an organisation involved in production, distribution, exhibition and/or regulation of a media text.

There are four parts to what the Institutions do: Production, Distribution, Exhibition and Regulation.


The production company's job is to develop the script, choose directer/cast/crew and pitch the idea of the film to the distribution companies. We chose for our production company to be called RED BALLOON PRODUCTIONS.

RED BALLOON PRODUCTIONS was chosen as we thought that the idea of having 'balloon' in the name would link to a convention of relating horror films to children's toys or interests. It would also relate to the child that appears in our sequence. The 'red' part of the name helps to imply fear as the colour red often has connotations of blood and danger.


A distribution company is a large institution that will fund the film. There 3 types of distribution companies: Major (Hollywood level. "The Big Six" are examples of this, including Disney, Warner Bros, Universal, Fox Searchlight, Paramount and Columbia), Major/Minor (includes, Lionsgate Films and Metro - Goldwyn - Mayer Pictures) or Independent (Pinewood Pictures).

For our film, we used an independent distribution company as they specialise in smaller scale films that would attract a niche audience. The horror genre, especially psychological horrors, only appeal to a small demographic so we wanted to chose a company that would be able to make sure that we specifically target this audience.

We chose to use Entertainment One Films as our productions company. They help to get independent films, such as our own, into cinemas, DVD and television. They have helped to distribute shows such as The Walking Dead, which relates to our piece as they are both of the horror genre.


The exhibition of a film is how it will be distributed and shown to a wider audience. This could be going straight to box office, DVD/TV or streaming eg Netflix.

DVD would be a good choice of exhibition for our film as it would be able to just be sold and bought to the people who are interested in our rather than showing on TV and possibly having a very little audience or may not one at all. However with the way we view and watch films changing this may not be the best option as little people buy DVDs.

We thought streaming would be the best option for us to release our film as its cheap, it would appeal to our target audience of teenagers and young adults and it would also be easy for us to do. We could use sites such as Netflix to do this as they would be able to advertise it on the new releases section of the website.



In the U.K., the main film regulation company is the BBFC http://www.bbfc.co.uk/what-classification/guidelines. They watch, review and rate films to be either U, PG, 12a, 12, 15, 18 or R18. Each age catergory has different specific guidelines and regulations that a film must follow or be in order to fit into that catergory.

For our film, we decided to give our film a certificate of 12. The reason being that the themes running throughout the film may be upsetting towards younger views. We took into consideration specifically the 'Threat' guideline for this age group.

With this taken into consideration and the other guidelines from this age group and the others, we decided to rate our film a 12 based on this reason.

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