Pouncing, Purring, Meowing and Adorable Cats By: Emma Guyette

I Like My Fur The Way It Is.

Fur the color of the rainbow! Well except for red, green, blue and purple that is. Cat’s fur can be very colorful. The basic colors can be brown, gray, ginger, black and white. To add on, the colors are not always solid.(1 color, shape or size) There can be white and ginger cats, brown, white and ginger cats and lots of other color combinations. Did you know that wild cats have similar patterns and colors to? Cheetahs, for example, have brown spots with

yellow fur. Black panthers are, well,…...Black! Sometimes there fur color can Camouflage (To blend in) in their surroundings These are some examples of cats fur colors.

Witch color cat do you like best??

It’s Time To Eat! But Don’t Give Me Dry Food.

I would love something to eat. Some kibble or something like that. Just not the dry kind. Cats eat what you give them. The brand you feed them, they will eat. Almost all the time anyway. But, Wildcats don’t eat kibble or whatever you give your house cat. Therefore, they kill and eat. By that I mean they kill their prey and eat them. Prey ( an animal that mostly doesn’t eat meat.) Predators (eat prey.) Wildcats are predators, they eat meat. A wild backyard cat would eat birds and small rodents. As for, a wild wildcat, they would eat larger things. For example, a lion would eat zebras and deer. Sometimes wildcats will eat birds and small rodents like the backyard wildcat. These are what some cats and wildcats eat.

This fat, house cat is eating a delicious bowl of kibble (Yummy to a cat, not to humans)

Leave Me Alone, I’m Trying To Sleep!

*Yawn* Please leave me alone. Can’t you see I’m trying to nap? Cats can be very lazy. Most house cats would nap in the window when it’s nice and warm. They will also nap on your bed, mostly on your pillow. As for, a wildcat, They don’t have blankets and pillows in the woods. They have trees. Trees will provide (something given to you) shade. They will need this shade to hunt or just to cool down. If you live in the African heat, like the lion, you will need lots of shade to rest up and gain energy for your next meal. This is where cats sleep.

Look at him! Sleeping in my chair. (Cats sleep anywhere they can fit!)

I Want Yarn, Not String.

Please give me the yarn…….. NO!!! I want yarn, not string…….. Stop! Kittens are very playful. They like toys that move and make noise, like bells, yarn, string, and anything else that moves and makes noise. This helps them when they need to go in the wild and hunt. But unlike wildcats, they need to train when it comes to food. Also, wildcat kittens play with small, dead things like a dead mouse, and so do house cats! (Only if there are mice in your house, located in places like an old basement or closet.) Therefore, both kittens and wildcat kittens love playing with thing to gain (to increase) their hunting skills. (Have you ever wondered why your cat and/or kitten has been scratching on your brand new couch and/or chair? That’s a way of sharpening their claws, so try and get a scratch post. But wildcats sharpen their claws on trees!) These are some things that kittens love playing with. So they can gain hunting skills.

These kittens are playing bottle-ball. This is an example of kittens playing with something that moves.

Guess Where I Live!

You’ll never guess where I live!.......... NO! I don’t live in your pocket, why would you think that!?!? I’m not that small! A normal house cat lives in your house. That’s why their called house cats. But, backyard cats live in your backyard and sometimes in the woods. Most of the time in the woods because they need to hunt for food. They’ll sometimes come in your backyard if there is food there. If you don’t have a backyard your cat will just go out front. Wild wildcats live almost anywhere! Therefore, Cats can live almost anywhere on earth!! (Did you know? Egyptians respect cats, and cats are a symbol (Something or someone that stands out) to them!) Cats can live in Lots of places. A few to list are Africa and Egypt. These are some places where cats live.

Egyptian Cats are black, as well as having jewelry on them such as necklaces, earrings and bracelets on their tails


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